Meet Alycia May, Site Broker for Ichijo at Ten Trails

Ten Trails is happy to introduce another great team member you will meet when you visit the community! Alycia May is the site broker for the Ichijo Duet model homes at Ten Trails and has been in the community every week since August helping potential residents find their dream home.

Real Estate Background

Alycia comes from a family with ties to real estate and new construction so she has been exposed to the industry most of her life. Her aunt and uncle are in the mortgage industry and her dad has worked in new construction for several companies since she was a little girl. Alycia has had her real estate license for the past two years, prefers working in new construction sales and especially loves the work setting at Ten Trails. “It’s much quieter out here and away from the hustle and bustle of the city,” she says. “It’s just so pretty to look at on my drive here with all of the trees and nature.”

Ichijo Homes at Ten Trails

When it comes to sharing information about the new Ichijo homes at Ten Trails, Alycia is passionate about letting buyers know about how innovative the homes are. “Our wall panel construction and the fact that we make our own cabinets, doors and windows is so unique for this industry,” she says. “When you buy an Ichijo House, you’re buying a genuine Ichijo house and not one that can be found with any other builder.”

Why Choose Ten Trails?

Alycia encourages buyers to consider buying an Ichijo home at Ten Trails for the lifestyle that the community offers. “The community is very family-oriented,” she says. “The amenities, parks and events are all geared toward bringing families and friends together and that’s not something you can find anywhere else.”

Make sure you stop by and say hello to Alycia at the Duet models at Ten Trails the next time you’re in the community!