Working from Home Made Easy with 1 Gig Internet Speed at Ten Trails

While much of the country has transitioned to working from home this spring, the residents of Ten Trails have a unique advantage for telecommuting with access to true one-gigabit speed internet in their homes! The 1-gig internet service at Ten Trails provides downloads and uploads up to 1,000 Mbps, with fast performance and streaming for ensuring no buffering or interruptions during your next work video call.

Surf, Stream, and Work all at the Same Time 

With kids at home on zoom calls with teachers, family members playing video games, parents working online, and home appliances and other devices all running off the internet, fast internet speed is more important now than ever before! There are no data caps included with the 1-gig internet service at Ten Trails, so every member of the family can use the internet on multiple devices all at the same time.

Create Your Home Office Workspace to Enjoy Ultra-Fast Internet 

At Ten Trails, many of our builders offer floorplan options with space for a home office, den or “technology space” with convenient access to Cat 6 jacks for setting up your home internet equipment. Create a space in your home that is set aside for your workspace and be able to set up all your technology equipment with ease in your new home.

Tips for Being More Productive Working at Home 

Transitioning to working from home can be difficult, but here’s a helpful tip to make it easier: Designate an area in your home for work so you can begin to have the mental association that the space is for working. Make it comfortable and inviting, and don’t forget to have all the tools you need nearby so you can be most productive!