Meet Steve Pursley, Direct Sales Rep for Wave Internet at Ten Trails 

Meet Steve with Wave 

Ten Trails is happy to introduce another friendly face you may see around our Ten Trails Welcome Center: Steve Pursley with Wave! Steve is your go-to person when getting your Wave internet service set up at your new Ten Trails home. All homes at Ten Trails come wired for 1-gigabit internet service, allowing for ultra-fast downloads, streaming and the ability to use multiple devices in the home with no lag time on service.

Meet Steve

Chat with Steve at our Ten Trails Welcome Center 

Steve is at the Welcome Center to answer any questions future or current residents may have about Wave internet service to their Ten Trails home in addition to letting them know about the other great products Wave offers like the Wave G phone.

Cut the Cord with Wave

Steve is also able to assist any homeowners who are looking to “cut the cord” and get rid of their cable television service. Simply let Steve know which television channels you want to be able to watch with your Wave 1-gig internet service, and he can tell you which streaming channels you’ll need in order to continue enjoying the same great programming you love.

1-Gig Internet at Ten Trails 

The fiber internet offered at Ten Trails is unique to the area and a great amenity for residents. The service isn’t shared so every resident is able to get one-gigabit output to their home, allowing them to run all devices, alarm systems and even appliances off the service.

Stop by our Welcome Center today and say hello to Steve!