Meet Felecia Wheatfall, New Resident of Ten Trails

Ten Trails is happy to introduce one of our newest residents, Felecia Wheatfall! Felicia is a first-time homebuyer from Renton who moved into her new Lennar home this past November. “It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving in my home,” says Felecia. Regarding the quick turnaround time from moving day to holiday season, Felecia says it put a lot of pressure on her to try to get the house set up quickly for guests, but the efforts were well worth it. “It was lovely to be able to host my mom and brother for the holiday in my brand new home,” she says.

Easy Commuting with the Microsoft Connector

Felecia is a special projects manager within Microsoft Research. When shopping for homes, her commute was a factor in her final decision of where to buy, and she says Ten Trails’ close proximity to the Microsoft Connector stop in Covington was one of the factors that sold her on buying a new home in the community. She plans to commute to the Microsoft campus in Redmond via the Connector on most days, and work from home when she is able using the one-gig internet in her home via Wave.

First-Time Home Buyer in a Competitive Market

Given the fast-paced and high-priced real estate market in the Seattle area, Felecia says she had all but written off being able to achieve her dream of homeownership before finding Ten Trails. “I had made offers on several homes last year and kept getting outbid by other buyers. The whole process was really frustrating and I was almost ready to give up. The home-buying process was much less stressful when buying a new home from Lennar and I was able to take some time to select the home I really wanted.”

Lennar Storybook Cottages at Ten Trails

It was important to Felecia to purchase a single-family detached home, and the Lennar Storybook Cottages at Ten Trails appealed to her because they were the right size for her needs. “The price point fit my budget and I loved the smart home and “everything’s included” features that Lennar offers.” Felecia also loves that her home is located just steps away from the upcoming Ten Trails Retail Village. “I’m looking forward to walking over to get my coffee in the morning,” she says.

Welcome to the community, Felecia! We are so glad you chose Ten Trails as Your New Hometown!