Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your New Ten Trails Home

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your new Ten Trails home for the holidays? Head to our Pinterest page for inspiration! We have tons of pins and holiday decor ideas for your to peruse.


Holiday wreaths come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. From traditional evergreen to holly berry, a holiday wreath is a staple for front door decor. Ensure your new Ten Trails home stands out with a festive homemade or store-bought wreath this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas trees can be as traditional or as eccentric as you want to make them. Christmas ornaments, balls and garland are the typical tree adornments but we have seen trees decked out in paper lanterns, floral crowns and even disco balls! Let your creativity take over this holiday season and you and your family can create a special memory finding unique decorations for your tree.


Holiday lights bring festive cheer to any space, indoor or out! From conservative white lights to accent the roof lines of your Ten Trails home, to multi-hued string lights to adorn your trees and shrubbery, you can’t really go wrong with adding more lights to your home this holiday season.